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   Every skater knows that when someone who doesn't skateboard themselves tries to film or shoot a trick, there is an almost undeniable certainty that the end result will look like crap. Board cut out of the frame, head cuts, and a terrible portrayal of the spot are some of the common mistakes non-skate photographers make. Victoria, BC's Esrah Boulton doesn't skate himself, but has definitely figured out how to take a damn good skate photo. Read on to find out how he figured it all out and what other types of photography influence him.


L: To start things off let's get the basics out of the way: how old are you, and when did you start shooting photos?

E: I'm 19 now, and started shooting photos when I was 15. My family had a point and shoot that I used for about a year, then I got a DSLR for my 16th birthday and things went from there.

What was it about photography that drew you towards it?

I was taking pictures of my friend Mikhail skating and was always looking at shots in Transworld. I liked shooting something that not a lot of people in town were doing. I then began working with modelling and portraits which was a pretty big departure. I shoot with an agency in town now. All in all, photography was and is appealing because I can work with a wide range of people.

Mikhail Yerkovich- ollie [o] Boulton

How did you get into the agency?

I shot some photos of Colin Meredith that he gave to the agency (Coultish). They got in touch with me because they liked my work. I now do portfolio stuff with their models, and some stuff with Edge models.

Do you receive steady work from them or is it hit and miss?

I pick which models I work with. I do maybe 2-3 shoots a month, more in the summer. It's a portfolio building experience for both the models and myself because I had only shot with a few people before this, two of which are on agencies now.

By the sounds of it it's a definite win/win! Back to skating: seeing as you don't skate yourself it's pretty sick that you're able to properly shoot a good skate photo. Did it all come from looking at mags or did your friends who skate help you along the way?

It came from trial and error as well as skate mags. My friends still help me when I can't visualize a trick, which comes from not skating for sure.

 Leon Breton- backside 50-50 pop out [o] Boulton

Have you ever considered buying a fisheye or do you like keeping it long lens?

I've definitely thought about it, but I've always bought other gear first seeing as a fisheye isn't as versatile as a telephoto in terms of using it for a variety of genres.

Yeah that is true, fisheyes are definitely restricting as to what you can do with them. Where would you like to take your photography?

I want to see where it's gonna take me, as lame as it sounds. I like shooting so many things I don't think I could narrow it down. No matter where I end up I'll be taking pictures.

If you had to pick one genre what would you choose?

Duuuude, I have no idea haha. Skating would be sick because it's my friends, but at this point I'd say the same about shooting modelling. Really, I'd like to shoot both, but skating is where I got my start.

Fair enough, each genre has it's ups and downs for sure! I think that should be good, thanks for doing this! Thanks and shouts?

Shout out to Mikhail for getting me into this, Luke and Kohl Fast and Mitch for shooting all the time, and my girlfriend Danielle for putting up with me.

 Mikhail Yerkovich- crook [o] Boulton

Koji Hattori- wallride [o] Boulton

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