Get Some Soon...

   Apologies for not posting yesterday. After a long night out Wednesday and a quite minimal sleep before waking up for work, I came home and went to bed and didn't wake until next morning. So anyways, here's a crook of Drew Copleston on this high flatbar in Oak Bay, and a 5-0 from Koji on the Esquimalt High out ledge. This Sunday we will be premiering a project Kohl Fast has been working on. Featuring parts from Leon Breton, Luke Fast, Drew Copleston, Henri Simpson, as well as all the homies, you know it will be full of good Victoria skateboarding and the usual hi-jinx! Check back so you can Get Some too.


Andrew Copleston- crook [o] Connor

Koji Hattori- 5-0 [o] Connor

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