Hit or Miss

   Sometimes you get lucky, other times you get screwed over. The first time Dan and I went to get this ollie the latter occured; the second time however, we were blessed with the former. Security showed up before Dan even had a chance to take a run-up the first time, which basically later'd all plans we had that day, sending us homeward bound. While at the park a couple weeks ago I suggested to Dan we should go and shoot something. After a couple ideas, and having previously mentioned he was not into a "huck," Dan figured we should go try and get this ollie at the 7-flat-4 museum double set. I set up all my flashes before we even rolled up to the spot to be as stealth as possible, but turned out I could've cracked a cold one and casually set my gear up on the stairs. After one roll up, Dan started carcass hucking down this set.  Thinking that any try could be the last before security rolled up, he gave every try his all. After roughly 7 tries and a couple point-blank robberies, he rolled one away solid. Following high fives and disassembling my camera gear, security still hadn't showed up; luck of the draw I suppose.


Dan Lintaman- ollie [o] Connor

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