The Holy Crail

   Apologies for not posting yesterday, as soon as I got home from work I went out shooting and didn't get home until way late; figured I may as well just post today considering it's Good Friday! Leon Breton and I left the park just as it was getting dark to go downtown and try and shoot a trick he just learned but the spot didn't fair as well as we had hoped. After getting a trick on a new spot just across the road we called up Richard since he said he was wanting to go skate after dinner. Richard had spotted this fire hydrant at Mayfair Mall a little while ago so we decided to just go there and see what we could do with it. Leon spotted a grate that ended up making a perfect wallie over the fire hydrant for Rich; not what we had intended for the spot but way sicker than we had hoped for! After a couple warmup wallie tricks, Richard went for the wallie crailgrab and did it in just a handful of tries. We faired well at Mayfair having made something dope out of nothing at all!


Richard Redman- wallie crailgrab [o] Connor

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