The Lens Debate

   While shooting a photo, or filming for that matter, the continual question is, "should I shoot this fisheye or long lens?" There can be many variables that play into it, such as: confined space, something blocking your angle (cars, people etc), what would look best for the trick, how you want to compose the photo, and the list goes on. With gnarly tricks you can't get the skater to keep hucking themselves over and over again, so you gotta make up your mind how you want to shoot it before they start trying it; gotta be on point like whoaaa. For something mellow for the skater, it sometimes pays off to try shooting it differently after getting a good photo from one angle, because you never realllly know what it's going to look like until you try. Just like trying a trick, you can't nail the photo every single time, so when a skater is happy to try the trick a few times more so I can get the photo just how I want it makes shooting that much easier. A good example of the lens debate is this backside 180 nosegrind of Cort Watt. I first shot it long lens, then filmed it, but thought I should maybe shoot a couple fisheye to see how it looks. I couldn't truly decide which angle I liked more as I feel each one has its ups and downs, so why not post both of em!


 Cort Watt- primary angle bs 180 nosegrind [o] Connor

Cort Watt- secondary angle bs 180 nosegrind [o] Connor

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