Shredding the Web

   When I first got the e-mail from SBC saying that they were wanting to run a "Shred the Web" article on YGT in the upcoming Spring 2012 issue, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. After doing the interview and sending in photos for the article header, Leo and I had our fingers crossed for a couple months that it was actually gonna happen. After we started seeing photos online from the magazine, we couldn't wait until it arrived in Vic and we could see firsthand if the article got run. The wait has finally come to end for us, and when I flipped through the mag, I was more than hyped to see it in there! So special thanks to Mike Prangnell and SBC for hooking this up, it's appreciated more than you know! You just don't got that, WE all Got That!!! Thanks to everyone who's ever checked the site and shared it, you're what make this site what it is!


Koji Hattori- frontblunt [o] Connor

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