switchin' it up

One great advantage of filming with a DSLR is the option to shoot photos, while most people pick up a DSLR just to take pictures I find myself always forgetting I actually own a "picture" camera. Although I don't have any flashes, every once in a while I enjoy switchin' it up and trying to shoot a photo, in this case I like the photo more then the footage. Corey an I came across this spot while driving around lost searching for another spot. There's a lot that could go wrong with this nollie, sticking on the one of the large cracks in the rock and falling to flat would probably be the worst case scenario. Luckily Corey didn't eat shit and it was off to the next spot.. where I ate shit super hard!


Corey Cawdell - Nollie into the rock [o] Graceffo

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