B-Side Saturday #32

I men't to post this earlier today but works been busy lately so it's difficult finding the time to post. This first trick is b-roll from Cheyenne's YGT part from awhile back, we all know cheyennes really good at getting bangers but he's not one dimensional like that, he's also better then you at manuals! Me an Corey both not being from Victoria originally are pretty good at getting lost on the way to every spot. We happened to come across this rock spot while looking for another spot, We've came to the conclusion that stopping at every school you drive by here usually turns out productive. While in Courtenay a few weekends ago I had the pleasure of going out skating with Ace an a gang of homies, We ended up at vanier 12 so Ace could film a trick he had already shot with Brett months before. After some warm up boardslides he ended up getting the trick again with ease, I'll throw the footy in with a Ace raw clips edit coming soon to a computer screen near you!


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