Better Late Than Never

   I thought that a barbeque was going to be just that on Saturday, yet it basically turned into a party, leaving me unable to post this. I thought I had it ready to post before I went to Cort's but when I looked at the video on Youtube it got rendered all weird, so I re-rendered it and left it to upload to Youtube while I was at the gathering. Anyways, sorry for those who checked the site Saturday and never saw anything there.
   Dan did this quick-footed double ollie a lot better for the sequence, but we were all tired and ready to hit the dusty trail after trying to film it a couple times so we just said screw it and kept it haha.
   This bike track by the Galloping Goose was supposedly meant to be a skatepark, but somehow became a spot instead of a park. With a cruiser this track is actually really fun to skate, seeing as the dirt is hard enough that its like riding on concrete. This one quarter pipe is pretty good, as you can likely tell from Dylan's ollie. He got a banger on this spot but that's for another day!
   I'm sure lots of people have wanted to skate this rail for years, but all it took was some thinking and we got to skate it. You gotta figure out how, so for now watch Dane warm up with a 50-50.


Dan Lintaman- ollie rockride ollie out [o] Connor

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