Double D's

   After my near daily duties of shooting and filming, which were quite productive today, I came home to take care of my near daily duties of posting such photos and video onto here. It's been a bit tedious with Leo in Thailand, but I've been holding it all together; at least I hope it appears that way. On a beautiful day in Victoria, Drew Copleston gave this ledge a smith pop out it had never seen before. I'm sure the ledge was happy it had someone grinding it for once and not just sitting their ass on it, even ledges need some loving. 

 Drew Copleston- smith pop out [o] Connor

   You don't normally see people as young as Tavish Wietzke in one of Victoria's crackhead districts, that is unless they're kickflipping down some stairs there. After some encouragement from an elderly homeless lady, who told Tavish he was "being a pussy" and to "just do the thing!", Tavish caught a kickflip and rolled away for momma.


Tavish Wietzke- kickflip [o] Connor

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