Who Are You?

   On the night of my birthday party, after many beverages being consumed, Dan Lintaman asked Johnny Hanuse, "Are you THE Johnny 'Heinous'?" Being it Dan's first time meeting Johnny in person and thinking that Johnny's Facebook name was some sort of joke, he felt bad when Johnny replied, "Well, it's actually pronounced 'Han-yoos', but yeah, that's me," laughing about it. With any possible mispronunciations of his name cleared by you the readers, here's a photo Johnny and I shot over a temporary trench on Pandora street one night recently. This spot actually had raised concrete on each end making it a bump to bank, but it was still hard to skate due to a curve in run up and classic Victoria ground, yet a tre flip was still put down from Mr. Heinous. Oh wait, I mean Hanuse.


Johnny Hanuse- tre flip [o] Connor

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