B-Side Saturday #35

   Sorry this is late its been a busy weekend, im gonna try and keep this short because I have the day off and its looking like todays gonna be a good skate day. Corey's first up with this halfcab noseslide bigspin at one of Victorias newest spots, Im sure you will be seeing alot more of the "cadillac ledges" and good tricks from Corey on them in the future!
   Next clips from Courtenay, no one really skated  this spot even though its always been around. Keith buttered it up got this quick back tail aswell as a few other tricks during the sesh, not bad.
   I never get to skate with my Courtenay homie Mike Lyon, we always make plans to go skate but it never works out. Few weeks ago we finally made it happen and hit up uvic, Mike broke a fresh board on this feeble but still managed to ride away, so sick!



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