Canada Day! Tofino! Be There!

    Last Thursday I had surgery on my collarbone, and since I wouldn't be doing much of anything for a couple days after, I went up to Ladysmith to see my family and visit some friends. The weather was looking a bit sketchy on Saturday but Robby Wallace, Sonny Bonner and I decided we'd whip up to Nanaimo and try and get some street skating in before it rained. We only got to skate at McGirr school before it started pouring but it was enough time for Sonny to get this frontboard pop out!
   This weekend is the annual Canada Day comp in Tofino and it's always a great time, so if you got nothing planned make the trip out to Tofino and skate and have fun!! Check out the poster below for the details. Hope to see a lot of the homies there!


Sonny Bonner-frontboard pop out

Mat Howell- frontside air [o] Macleod

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