Spot Check: U-Vic (University Of Victoria)

The University of Victoria boasts some of the best skate spots the Island has to offer. If you're coming to Victoria to skate then U-Vic is a must. Whether you like to skate rails, stairs, ledges, mannies or even banks, there's a spot here for you! After 2-3 hours of wandering the campus I came through with 44 individual photos of spots within the university and the surrounding housing complex's (I'm sure I missed some too). Although getting lost here is easy if you don't know your way around, each spot is fairly easy to come by and usually minutes or even seconds apart. Security here can be a bust depending on the spot but if you get kicked out you can usually just head over to the next spot then come back 20 minutes later an get you're trick; you would be surprised how easily you can get away with hour long sessions inside the actual building over at the indoor 10 rail. The campus is located about 15 minutes from the downtown core. If you're driving, parking on the campus can be expensive but its easy enough to just park in the surrounding residential areas for free. If you want to warm up before heading there, Gordon Head skatepark is only ten minutes away. With over 44+ spots all within a 15 minute radius U-Vic makes a great destination to spend the day! If your just visiting Victoria make sure you find the time get out there, it will most likely be a productive trip!

I know 44 photos is alot to look through all in one post, so if you haven't noticed yet we made a "spot check" page in the tabs up above making it always easy to find out growing spot book!


Photos: Leo Graceffo

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