Eisei "Ace" Sugimoto is one of the finest imports to the Vancouver Island/Vancouver skate scene. With smooth style and ATV abilities it is always fun shooting with him. While his educational studies are on halt for the Summer months he has been living in Victoria which is super rad!
   I'm still not back to work from my broken collarbone so me and Ace have been out in the streets every day steady stacking! Now that Leo and I are able to skate with Ace on a regular basis he will be fairly involved in YGT's upcoming project which you will be hearing more about very soon!

Ace Sugimoto- backsmith [o] Connor 

   Two of the many tricks that Ace has laid down on Victoria's spots recently include a backsmith on the Native rails out in Brentwood, and a bluntslide bs shuv out on the ledge at SJ Willis school which is a bit of a gem; you don't come across ledges in Victoria very often that slides like butter and grinds deec, as well as looking good in footage. Consider this a preview of much more to come of Ace, he's gonna be around for a minute.

Ace Sugimoto- bluntslide bs shuv out [o] Connor

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