Sunny Daze

   The scorching heat lately has left me cooped up inside watching Breaking Bad a lot lately, and not leaving the house to go skate until late afternoon, just isn't worth it. Sometimes though you just gotta go out and troop through the heat and hope it isn't all for nothing. 
   Cheyenne Hehr laid down a banger of a trick on this rail after this frontboard to fakie, and damn was it a hot day. Cheyenne was dripping with sweat and blood after putting in the work for his tricks, a couple gnarly slams later and a handful of tries for each trick.

Cheyenne Hehr- frontboard to fakie [o] Connor

   Jamie Knowles is one of the most relaxed dudes I know. Always with a smile on his face and never stressed, it makes skating with him super fun. While at his house one day chillin and rolling some up, we decided to go skate at Doncaster School to shoot a photo of a nollie backtail we had filmed a couple nights prior. It came quicker this time and without any stress on either ends, we got what we came for and hit up the next spot.

Jamie Knowles- nollie backtail [o] Connor

Here's a montage the homie Zac Grsic put together featuring the Ladysmith crew as well, and I'm out!


video by Zac Grsic

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