Mr. Randall

   Jeremy Randall is always good times while out skating and shooting. Seeing as I don't get to shoot transition as much as I would like to it's fun shooting with Jeremy since that's what he does best. 
   We managed to get up early after a night of drinking to go skate this wild bike track that was recently built, and just happens to be oh so skateable, on the morning of the comp to try and shoot something. The corners aren't very smooth between the plies so it makes for a bit of a bumpy ride but with enough speed, Jeremy was able to get one sick 5-0 in before the comp started.

Jeremy Randall bike track 5-0
Jeremy Randall- fs 5-0 [o] Connor

   This bank is in the basketball court beside the skatepark and makes for a fun place to skate flat and stay warmed up between runs. Jeremy was getting some good bonelesses on the bank so I wasted no time in snapping a photo and snagging some footy before his run.


Jeremy Randall boneless tofino
Jeremy Randall- boneless [o] Connor

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