B-Side Saturday #40

For this 40th episode of B-Side Saturday's I wanted to give it a little theme, this week being night footy.
Luke filmed this first warm up line of Dan Lintaman in James Bay, coincidentally this spot happens to be the barrior I dislocated my elbow on few weeks ago, good times! hah. The next two clips are from last weekend when the Onethirtythree/Boardwalk family were in town, Keith brought down a generator and lights making night skating a obvious choice over of pilling out all night. The first spot we hit up was the Uvic kicker, A.R threw down a few of these fronside 360's in a couple tries but didn't end up rolling away from one he was happy with, after getting tattoo'd on his back earlier that day it was just too risky to fall on. The next night we brought the genny over to SJ Willis for a ledge sesh, lots of tricks went down this noseslide bigspin from "Bubba" being one of them. Shout out to the Onethirtythree/Boarkwalk crew for makin it down last weekend, hittin the streets 20 deep is always a good time!


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