B-Side Saturday #41

While Luke and the 133 boys are in Van hopefully killin it at the plaza right now for colors 12 hour film competition, I couldn't get the time off work which is probably why this B-side Saturday's actually going up on a saturday for the first time in a months. Glenn kicks this episode off with a warm up ollie at Vic West el, theres about 4 huge grooves in the run up of this spot making it un-skateable until a few weekends ago when it encountered a gang of shralp hungry skateboarders. While others were skating the green benches at the front of the school, a few of us wanted to skate over the fence so we busted out the bondo and signs an got to work! the next door neighbors were actually hyped on what we were doing and come out to watch us skate. Clearly large grooves in the cement doesn't phase Karl Wilson either, he jus casually manny ollie mannys over those mutha fuckas like they weren't even there! Corey took a pretty good slam at this last spot, while were on the subject of un-skateable spots this ones gotta be the worst. You can manage to ride over the rocks if you land strait but its pretty easy to get pitched landing in the wrong spot. Lucky for Corey he ended up rolling away from his trick a few times, but  for now ill leave you with this warmup ollie.


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