B-Side Saturday #42

   Well this isn't being posted on Saturday technically, but I just got off work and it's still Saturday for me. Later today Leo will have an iPhone montage he put together with random clips and some good skating.
   This rail on Richmond has super short run up so Leo was warming up with some caveman boardslides to try and get a feel for the rail, but that ended up being all we got. The spot won again; was just too shitty.
   Again, John Osterlind was doing a bunch of kickflip manuals because he wanted to front shuv out, but unfortunately it didn't come together. Won't ever be able to now either, as the spot has been recently constructed on and no longer exists.
   This was a first try kickflip for Leon Breton at Esquimalt High, one of the few tricks he did over the wall this session.


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