B-Side Saturday #46

   Didn't get around to posting this yesterday due to house party preparation and work, sometimes cleaning takes top priority? I didn't even get to witness the shenanigans until I got home at 1:30am from work but it's pretty visible this morning that fun was had!
   This rail near Lansdowne is a typical Victoria spot; almost super good, but still pretty shitty. The run-up is short and the landing rough, leaving Ace Sugimoto with just a warmup boardslide.
   While I was shooting at the Uvic kicker one day I managed to get a switch varial heel, but I'm not super happy with how I did it so it'll just sneak on in to a B-Side.
   George Jay flatbars are always a fun spot to skate, and here Dylan Timmins gets a first try line with a crook tailgrab on the bar.
   As well, here's a backsmith pop out from Keith Stevenson in Yaletown on a recent Van trip with the boys. Bake and Destroy is premiering at Sanction Boardshop at 506 Herald St. tonight at 5pm if you wanna roll by and witness some gnar!


Keith backsmith yaletown

Keith Stevenson- backsmith pop out [o] Connor

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