Straight Up Hustlin'

   As some of you may or may not know, 133 and YGT's entry into Color x Olio's 12 Hour Film Contest won viewers choice over at Color has posted an article on their website featuring everyone involved with the project, so head on over to read it, peep it, and watch it here. Thanks to the fine folks at Color Magazine, Skatematic, and 133 Boardshop for everything, was a damn good project to be involved with!
   Cheyenne Hehr has been working hard on a part for the past few months, this 50-50 being one of the tricks he's banged off; Vic's been killing it lately.


Cheyenne double kink 50-50

Cheyenne Hehr- 50-50 [o] Connor

Cheyenne double kink 50-50 seq
the proof is in the pudding [o] Connor

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