B-Side Saturday #48

   Feels like along time since I've had the chance to post something, for now heres a couple clips from some much nicer beautiful summer days I wish we're still here. Although the days are shorter and it's cold as fuck the canadian winters have never stopped us motivated skateboarders from getting shit done, hopefully this weekend I can get together a good ol' Courtenay park edit for next sunday!
   While bums push shopping carts full of everything they own everywhere they go it still doesn't stop Corey from popping a ollie over them and even over a little kid for some bonus points, I think the kid might have shit his pants after too.. extra bonus points? Jamin Shepit is a CR homie who came down for the 133/boardwalk trip this summer, this nollie varial manny is just one of the 4 tricks he banged off at Vicwest el in less then a hour! Since were going into the winter months and its usually dark by time your off work (or school) I decided buying a light for my camera would be a smart investment, Luke was nice enough to do a lipslide pop out on this ledge to drop to help test it out.


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