A Girl Named Genny

   Just like shorts and parkas, skateboarding and winter do not go well together. The constant rain has been limiting the amount of shooting and filming Leo and I have been able to get done, so in turn our posts throughout winter will be fewer at times of media drought. Luckily the short days don't matter when it's taken all day to dry and your friend has a genny and lights, making winter skating just a little bit easier. Luke Gonis, Isaac Walker and I headed out late last week to hit up a gap on Quadra, only to find the entire spot soaked. Window ledge became the spot of choice, and after a cop rolled up  and had no problem with us skating, Gonis took care of biz with this kickflip backtail.


Luke Gonis kf backtail square crop
Luke Gonis- kf backtail [o] Connor

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