Jamer Memorial Obstacle

   With the passing of James "Jamer" Lindsay this past year, family and friends pushed for an addition to the Vic West park in his memory. All that became a reality this week when Brandon Nairn and the boys finished up the memorial piece and the skating began. As the session went on more and more tricks got done for the first time on the obstacle. Since I was skating too I wasn't able to get everything, but here's a healthy amount of photos and our 50th episode of the B-Side Saturdays in memory of Jamer and everyone else we have lost within the skateboarding community, R.I.P. brothers.


Olly ollie
Oliver Pirquet- ollie to fakie [o] Connor

Snakelord backtail
Brandon Nairn- backtail [o] Connor

Todd tailslide
Todd Myers- fs tailslide [o] Connor

Todd smith grind Todd Myers- smith grind [o] Connor

Mat Howell noseblunt_1
Mat Howell- noseblunt [o] Connor

Mat Howell boneless
Mat Howell- bs boneless [o] Connor

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  1. Since I was skating too Urn I wasn't able to get everything,