Richmond Bound

   A couple months ago when the boys and I headed to Vancouver for the Cons/Kingshit premier we made our first planned spot of the trip the new plaza out in Richmond. There's a lot of room to skate flat and the ledges are super butter. Having some unique obstacles as well it was the perfect warm up spot, so good that we hung around longer than we would've liked. After the park we hit up the infamous Brighouse spot which took us until it was eating and drinking time! The following photos are all I managed to shoot on the trip, but it was nice to be viewing life through my own eyes and not a viewfinder.


Koji on bus
Koji Hattori [o] Connor

Koji boneless
Koji Hattori- boneless [o] Connor

Dyltims no comply tailslide
Dylan Timmins- no comply tailslide [o] Connor

Dylan and Koji richmond
Dylan and Koji [o] Connor

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