Seq and Destroy

   I have been limited to shooting sequences only in good daylight for a long time, but finally picked up a couple flashes that work great so I'm super stoked! The lighting on the past two sequences I've shot would have looked pretty bad if I didn't have the flashes, but here they are all lit up for you to see. Greg Marchese did this fs 180 sw 5-0 180 out in about 5 tries for footy, and then did it again for the sequence. Isaac Walker also did this gap to lipslide for the sequence and did it once more for the footy.


Greg 180 sw 5-0 180 sj ledge
Greg Marchese- fs 180 sw 5-0 180 out [o] Connor

Isaac Walker gap lipslide
Isaac Walker- gap to lipslide [o] Connor

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