Solar Opposites

   Shooting at day or night will often change the feel of your photo drastically. When you are torn between what will look best, being able to shoot the trick twice is a great help in deciding how to make the spot and photo looks its best.
   Dane Pryds and I went back to this bench to shoot a different trick, but I wanted to shoot his boardslide when he was warming up to compare it to the night version we shot, which is viewable here. I like the daytime one more due to the colors on a sunny day, but was stoked to get some of the lights the city has on display for the holidays.

Dane boardslide bench day
Dane Pryds- boardslide [o] Connor

   This was the first time Dylan Toby and I shot this backsmith pop out at Mount Tolmie. I wanted to get a long exposure of the city lights, but due to the length it burned Dylan out more than I liked. A couple days later we went to shoot a daylight version and lucked out with a beautiful sunset, as you can see in the header.


Dylan Toby backsmith tolmie night
Dylan Toby- backsmith pop out [o] Connor

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