Switching Sides

   Leo and I are skaters before we're skateboarding documenters. With the ever-looming, insatiable desire to put down the camera and just skate the spot instead of shooting it, we do happen to get some tricks ourselves between capturing everyone else's tricks. While brainstorming ideas for a Sunday post we remembered these two sequences we had shot of each other a while back and decided to roll with it. Here's the story...
   Nestled deep in Esquimalt, next door to the Navy base, lies a barrier. Despite the harsh carve in if you skate it from the sidewalk, a few tricks have managed to go down. Leo and I had shot at the spot before, which you can peep here, but Leo decided to take a different approach this time and wallie 50-50 onto the curb. With minimal extra effort Leo did it a couple more times after we shot the sequence for footy, sealing whatever deal


Leo Graceffo- wallie 50-50 [o] Connor

   This next spot is at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, and I believe we were on our way home from the Color x Olio 12 Hour Film Contest premieres. We spotted this barrier conjunction while getting off the bus, so instead of getting our ferry tickets right away and going up to the waiting room we decided to try and get some last minute skating in. Since our time was pretty limited Luke got straight to work hustling this wallie 5050 multiple times for the footy and photo, and just like that we got on the ferry back to Vic with time to spare. Got to love un-expected productivity!


Luke Connor- wallie 50-50 [o] Graceffo

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