Dirty DNA

   The Victoria skate scene has definitely been building up the past couple years, and with all the coverage Vic's been getting in the mags recently I can't see things slowing down anytime soon. There are a few other heads in Victoria with skate blogs, including Jay Zemanek's DNA and the Forever Dirty crew. Both always post content related to the Victoria/Vancouver Island skate scene, and here's some recent work from both camps to give you a glimpse if you don't already know!
   Back when DNA Skateshop was alive and thriving in Nanaimo, the blog would feature photos and video of the team riders and homies, as well as whatever random shit Jay would post.Jay came to me with an interview he had recently conducted with Nanaimo artist Russ Morland. Lurk on over to read the interview and check out the DNA archives that span back years and give some insight into the island skate scene of years past.
   FD's OG's consist of Masaki Maekawa, Kohl Fast, Koji Hattori, Tyler McCulloch, Leon Breton, Luke Fast and Ryo de Janeiro. With skateboarding and hijinks on the regular, it's the same shit different day. Kohl put together 4 minutes of goodness featuring some of Vic's finest: Rich Redman, Leon Breton, Koji Hattori, Conlan Killeen, Henri Simpson, Luke Gonis, Pierce McKay, Mat Howell, Fabian Merino, and Dylan Timmins. After the watch head over to the blog and scroll down for some dope shit.


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