Revealing Remulak

   For those of you who went to the premiere of Erik Sorenson and Cyrus Stafford's Road To Remulak at Moon Under Water Brewpub last night, or Sanction Boardshop today for the all ages showing, I'm sure you're quite aware that the video contains some serious bangers. Nestled in the opening part, shared by Cheyenne Hehr and Isaac Walker, is this fakie pop shuv at the Pheonix gap on Quadra. Luke Gonis, Isaac and myself had made multiple attempts at shooting on this gap beforehand to no avail; excessive moisture on the spot as the common culprit. Our perseverance finally paid off when the gap was at last dry, and out came the generator and lights and the boys got to work, each getting a photo making the wait all worthwhile.


Isaac Walker- fakie pop shuv [o] Connor

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