Victoria 2012: An Iphone Perspective

   Filmed entirely on mine, Ben McNally-Dawes, and James Cook's iPhones over the 

course of 2012, this video has over 30 skateboarders in 12 different places in BC, Washington and 

even Florida. Big Thanks to everyone I had the pleasure of skating/swimming/camping with last 

year. I know 2012 was the best year I've had yet and I can only hope it gets better from here.

-Jeremy Randall

In Order of Appearance:
James Cook
Bradley Webster
Felix Breault-Cyr
Aiden Broe
Benjamin McNally-Dawes
Jeremy Randall
Evan Reimer
Simon Young
Cheyenne Hehr
Dane Pryds
Tyler Gaucher
Leon Breton
Adam Hopkins
Jose Vergara
Johnny Hanuse
Kevin Frederiksen
Conlan Killeen
Scotty Balkwill
Todd Myers
Dylan Timmins
Ace Sugimoto
Mat Howell
Justin Schwan
Maxwell Norman Miller
Matthias O'Flynn
Jason Gordon
Logan Hryciw
Garrett McNevin
Joel Antymniuk
Nathan Hursh
Slocan Bowl Ripper
Kyle Moffett
Dylan Scaliwag
Trevor McDermid
Dillon Grantham

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