B-Side Saturday #57

   The B-Side Saturdays have been few and far between lately but today we got some maneuvers from Shay Sandiford, Sean Hanebury and Dane Pryds.
   Shay's line is across from Rogers Arena in Vancouver, and is a super fun spot! We were staying the weekend in the apartment across the street and this was our warm up spot on the last day of the trip.
   The 2 block in Vic West can be a good spot to film at, but with the caps having been in place for some time now tricks have been limited. Sean went at it backwards than norm with an ollie up to nose manny 180 for a casual clip on a sunny day.
   Vic General Hospital hosts a handful of spots, the only problem is getting long enough to skate them. This bump to bar proved to be a pleasant surprise when Dane and I checked it out, allowing us all the time we needed, with no security encounters and a couple tricks landed.


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