Bumpin' Spots

   After discovering that these grates made perfect bumps over parking metres, Dan Lintaman quickly put his sights on this bump to bench. With a Bs Tailslide in mind, we propped up the grate and he got to work. About halfway through the session, a random guy approached our area appearing to be trippin' on something. He was asking us for a few things to which we couldn't provide, and after having an emotional meltdown in front of us, he ran and jumped into the water pond visible by the parking ticket dispenser (photo left). After more crying and bathing, he sauntered off into the evening, leaving Dan and I to finish up our work. It was certainly one of the more bizarre scenarios street skating has tossed me into.
   As for upcoming events, Leo Graceffo will have a Jason Wilson park part up tomorrow to supply your daily mind explosion; Jason has got some clips!! 


Dan Lintaman- bump to Bs Tailslide [o] Connor

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