Ghetto Spot

   I threw together this post before Luke sent me the photo of his backtail I shot, unfortunately his laptops motherboard crashed recently and everything on his desktop got swiped while fixing it. Luckily all his footage for Victorious and all his other photos were backed up on a external harddrive where he thought the backtail photo was too but I guess it never found its way in there. Instead of waisting this post I figured I'll just throw in a screenshot of the footage instead, not quite the same but better then nothing.

   It seems like every place with a healthy skate scene has some kind of ghetto spot and most if not all of them boast some of the most rugged terrain around, this bank Luke chose to backtail is no exception. For this spot you have to slide a little bit to get past a random piece of steel sticking out of the bank but not too much or your going into a big block of concrete, after some trial and error Luke managed to find the perfect formula and roll through the imperfections with one more clip you will be seeing in "Victorious" coming real soooon!


Luke Connor - Backtail [o] Leo Graceffo

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