The Goose

   Both of the photos below were shot along the Galloping Goose in Victoria.
  Dan Lintaman brought forth the idea for his photo, and it turned out better than I had imagined. A powerslide photo is hard to come by, and I'm thankful for having the opportunity to shoot the photo. To make it from top to bottom of this windy hill is a trick in itself; adding a stylish Bs Powerslide into the mix just sweetens the deal.

Dan Lintaman- Bs Powerslide [o] Connor

This photo of Isaac Walker was one day that we were headed street skating in the Mayfair area. I had wanted to shoot a pushing photo with a slowed shutter for some time, so I strapped my camera to my hand and shot off some photos while I rode my bike and Isaac chased behind. I almost slammed a couple times trying to get the photo, although I managed to get one I was happy with before my camera took a tumble.


Isaac Walker pushing [o] Connor

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