Corey Cawdell // YGT Presents: VICtorious

   We are very stoked to bring you guys the first of 3 parts we will be posting before releasing the full video here on May 1st. For those of you that can't wait till then or just enjoy a good ol' hard copy, DVD's are available at Sitka, Lyrics and Hto in Victoria, Island Riders in Nanaimo, Onethirtythree in Courtenay and Boardwalk in Campbell River for 10 bucks.
Stacking clips with Corey is always a good time. His laid back demeanor and precise board control makes him a pleasure to film with. Besides having webbed toes which some would argue gives him manual super powers, Corey is also is really good at shotgunning beers; combine the two and throw in a narrow curvy manual pad and great things will happen. Confused? I'd suggest hitting play!


Corey Cawdell // YGT Presents: VICtorious from yougotthat! on Vimeo.

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