Disconnecting the Dots

   There were a few photos from our "Dude Where's My Board?" entry into King Shit x Cons Connect the Dots contest in 2013 that didn't make it into the pages of KS which deserve to see the light of day. A lot of good times were had over the course of filming for the project, and although we didn't take home any paper, I'm very happy with how the video and article turned out. Our objective was to get as many tricks as possible and have a wicked time while doing so, and I'd say we definitely succeeded at doing just that. Thanks to the skaters and homies that made it possible, and King Shit/Cons for putting on the contest!


Our intergalactic jumpsuits were high tech [o] Connor

Dan Lintaman- Sw Heelflip up [o] Connor

Matt Gravel- Sw Crook for Zoltan [o] Connor

Synchronized skating; Isaac Walker kickflips, Dan Lintaman bs noseblunts [o] Connor

Dan Lintaman- Kickflip over rail [o] Connor

Keeping it shibby in the V-I-C [o] Connor

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