Eisei Sugimoto & Leo Graceffo // YGT Presents: VICtorious

 The next part from YGT Presents: VICtorious we have for you features Leo Graceffo & Eisei "Ace" Sugimoto. 
   While Eisei was living in Canada, he came to Vic for a month during the Summer of 2012 to skate and kick it with homies. He filmed the vast majority of his footage for this part in that time, as well as having 5 published photos shot during that month. Who knows what spots in Victoria he would've shut down had he been here longer.
   In between the filming and editing, Leo put down a good mix of bangers and tech moves. With 3 trick combos mid-line and a damn good Fakie Tre, he certainly holds it down in front of the lens and behind the camera. Seeing as they're both 133 family and good homies, it made sense to pair up Leo & Ace for the 9th section in VICtorious. The full video will be live here on May 1st, with photos extras over at www.concreteskateboarding.com.


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