YGT Presents: VICtorious

   Since the first few times I met Luke almost 4 years ago we started talking about how rad it would be to make a full length video one day. Once I moved to Victoria and teamed up with YouGotThat! we started filming alot for the blog. After about year of putting all our videos straight to the web to be watched once or twice and then forgotten, we figured, "why not save our clips and try to make something memorable?" Two-and-a-half years later, here we are. When we first started this project we had no idea what to expect, how long it would be or who would be apart of it, but after a lot of good learning experiences, awesome times and great memories, we are proud to present our first full length film, VICtorious.
  We would like to thank all the skateboarders for your hard work, everyone that contributed footage, everyone that came out to show support at the Vic and Van premieres, Hto, Sitka, Instrumental Skateboards, WhoDaHell, Lyrics Skateshop & Studio, Color Magazine & The London Pub, Concrete Skateboarding, Pabst Blue Ribbon, tall cans for assisting in the editing process, and anyone else that has helped us in one way or another over the years.
  Our pals over at Concrete also have an exclusive photo gallery from the video that can be seen here.


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