Riley Williamson: Interview // Crack Files Vol 1

[o] Connor

   Riley "Hoots" Williamson is among the newer generation of Victoria skateboarders/filmers, and he's been doing things for all the right reasons since first picking up a skateboard and camera. Riley's kept busy in the streets this year stacking footy of the homies, which has led to the Crack Files Vol. 1

Luke Connor: How long have you been skating/filming for?
Riley Williamson: I've been skating for about 6 years. I've had a few cameras before so I knew the basics, but when I bought my current camera setup 6 months ago is when I really started filming.

How did you become interested in skateboarding and filming?
I've always been interested in skating, then one Christmas my dad's friend, Roger, sent me his pro board and I didn't stop after that. For filming it started just wanting to get footage of the homies, but now I actually want to make something of it.

Favorite skater to film with?
Crack Trevor (Trevor Mcdermid) for sure! We always have a good time and film something.

Trevor Mcdermid- Fakie Flip at the end of a line while Hoots films [o] Connor

Favorite all-time filmer?
That's tough. I've been stoked on a couple guys lately, but I've been hyped on Ryan Garshell's (GX1000) filming for sure. His videos are always on point.

Do you have ideas for what you'd like to work on next?
I've been working on an edit of some of the stuff I've filmed in the past 4 months, which is featured with this interview. Other than that, I plan to keep filming as much as possible and start on a new project for summer.

Best thing about skating/filming/editing?
I just love being able to go out with the boys and film whatever we want, and then go home and edit it however we want.

Shouts outs?
All the homies.

CRACKFILES VOL. 1 from yougotthat! on Vimeo.

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