Back In the Dane

   Prior to Dane Pryds receiving ACL surgery earlier this year, we went on a bit of a shooting tear, trying to get whatever his knee would allow before he went under the knife. This year has been a hectic one and this blog somewhat fell onto the backburner unfortunately, but I'll be working on being more proactive with posts in the coming time. Starting off with the following two photos of Dane.

   This bump to bar resides out in Sidney somewhere, of which not very many people have skated I imagine. There is plenty of run up but the bump to bar is still a decent size so a few pushes are definitely needed.
   Dane Pryds- Backside 180 [o] Connor

   This boardslide is at the same spot as Adam Colborne's 50-50 below, but coming across Balmoral instead of Quadra. Due to limited light stands or whatever the reason was, I hung a flash from the telephone pool by a shoe lace to get a rim light on Dane. Definitely the most precarious way I've positioned a flash before.

-Luke Connor

Dane Pryds- Boardslide Pop Out [o] Connor

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