"The Sleepskate" Corey Cawdell for onethirtythree

I was stoked to have Corey Cawdell sleep on my couch for 3 days last week before he flew off to Alberta for work, with filming a little onethirtythree ad in mind and drinking some beers I knew it would be a good time. Although it rained pretty much the whole time Corey figured it could be one of the last times he'll get to skate this winter so we decided fuck it! Lucky for me a little bit of rain, wet shoes, rusty bearings and slippery griptape didn't seem to bother Corey, maybe he should give up that dirty Alberta oil money and take up acting?


Jake Hamilton is the man! when he's not working on WDH stuff or filming everyone else he can definitely get down on the other side of the lens! Check out this new part whodahell put out earlier this week.


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