Alexis NBD's

   Alexis Lacroix came out to Victoria last Winter to skate for a few days before commencing the wander down to California. Seeing as Alexis has a few cards to play at transition, Sixside seemed like the obvious choice. 
   Soon after getting there, Alexis handled a Frontside Wallbash Yank In, and then dipped into personal NBD territory and pulled a Daewon-esque maneuver out of nowhere. I had never seen the trick in person before, so call it what you like; hopefully you can understand what's going on.

-Luke Connor

Alexis Lacroix- Frontside Wallbash Yank In [o] Connor

Alexis Lacroix- Superman Grind? [o] Connor

 The proof is in the pudding [o] Connor

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