Aloha Brobra! Canadians+1 in Hawaii (Part 1)

   It took a few days to figure out where the WiFi works best at our hotel in Honolulu, as in it hardly ever worked before then, so I'll be doing daily posts until the end of the trip if all goes smoothly.
We've been skating super sick spots the last week, including Wallows and many more that I've seen in mags/videos over the years.

   This spot is around the corner from our hotel, and although it looks very good, you only get one try as the security in Waikiki is insane (and lots of Honolulu for that matter). Matt Gravel filmed the Ollie with Ethan Craig, waited a few minutes, and ran back up for a quick photo. Hotel staff were stoked and cheering us on as we skated away, and were still cheering as we made our way around the block and skated by on the other side.

Matt Gravel- Ollie [o] Connor

    We had found a really good over rail to bank for Regan Hodgson to try a trick on, but after a couple robberies and slams, his back and legs were pooched and the session was over. The landing was rough and tore up his back in no time; something to go back for.

Regan Hodgson [o] Connor

   Wallows. No explanation needed. Arguably one of the most iconic spots of all time, it was a total life hammer to bomb down from the top and skate the banks. Bets have been going down lately, in which the consequence is shotgunning a Limearita. Today it was Regan's turn, shotgunning one down after his first clip of the day.

 Regan Hodgson- mid line Nose Manny at Wallows [o] Connor

Regan Hodgson sticking to the bet [o] Connor

-Luke Connor

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