A Weekend Across the Water

   This past weekend I made a long overdue trip to Vancouver for Leo Graceffo's birthday and to skate some refreshing spots with the homies. After some hot tub and steam room recuperation on Saturday morning to rid ourselves of the after effects following Leo's birthday, we grouped up and headed to UBC for some spot studying. 50m from the bus stop rested an ideal bump to barrier that turned out to be more skateable than initially expected. We all warmed up with Ollies, then it came down to what trick to try. Leon Breton picked out a trick, and after a few dusty bails rolled away 3 or 4 times to seal the deal. Same shit, different day.

Leon Breton [o] Connor

The Squad [o] Connor

   The following day lead us to overcast skies and some sore legs. After hitting up the $4.95 Warehouse for breakfast, our 4th visit of the weekend, we hit up the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for the Barcy-like ledges and architecture. This gap over pole caught my eye once I had warmed up for a few minutes and gave a look at it; I've been feeling Ollies lately and wanted to give it a go for the sake of it. After a couple kickouts to test the waters, Leo filmed it a handful of times until we were happy and shot a photo for good measure. Thanks homie!

Luke Connor- Ollie [o] Graceffo

   After getting my trick and filming Isaac stomp a line involving the ledge and a trick down some stairs, Leo's attention turned to the 10 stair. He casually did the trick in question down a 7 first try, and mentioned to me he wanted to try it down the 10. For those who haven't been to the spot, it is not a good 10 stair. The run up is good, but the landing is rough and goes into traffic shortly after. Ty James was at the spot as well with some homies, so we both bunkered up on the stairs to document the gnar. With Ty shooting a sequence and myself on the filming, Leo laid down one hell of a trick that apparently shouldn't cooperate. The footy will be viewable in the near future, so keep posted as we have some new shit in the works!

-Luke Connor

-Luke Connor

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