Aloha Brobra! Canadians+1 in Hawaii (Part 2)

         They say life is a beach, but wouldn't it be funner if it was a wave? 
Welcome to the #BestWaveEver.

Words and Photos by Luke Connor

   On January 14th, I flew out of Vancouver with Matt Gravel, Ethan Craig, Dan Redmond, Caleb Davies and Regan Hodgson with Honolulu, Hawaii as our destination. Rich Colwell was flying from Seattle and would be picking us up from the airport later that night. It could have been the anticipation, the lack of music/movies, or soaking my pants with water and coffee multiple times during the flight, but that 6 hours was a painful stretch. When I stepped off the plane though and the humid air filled my lungs, I couldn't help but grin ear to ear and let out out a loud "Yeeeeewww!!"

   Rich rolled up in the rental van with a case of beer and a huge smile on his face as a few first time introductions were made. After a few cigarettes were inhaled, we piled our gear into the van and set off for Waikiki. A handful of us couldn't wait until the following day to skate so we set up our boards as soon as we got to the hotel and went pushing. The security in Waikiki is insane; there aren't many spots you get much time at, if any. The streets were smooth though so it made for the perfect evening push.

  The next morning we had some paperwork to deal with regarding the rental van first thing, but once that dilemma was sorted we all piled in, and it was off to the tropical spots.
   While cruising along the highway at 70mph, the Gopro that Ethan suctioned to the hood came loose, and with some good graces fell in the perfect direction and was saved from imminent doom; all scenery was filmed from inside the van after that happened.

   One of the first spots we checked out was a ditch that ended up being way too much fun. We don't get ditches in Canada very often, so to skate a perfect hip with plenty of run was a treat. It was impossible to stop skating, so it was inevitable that everyone got a trick over this spot. 

Rich Colwell- Nollie Backheel

Regan Hodgson- Frontside Flip

Caleb Davies- Backside Heelflip

Ethan and Matt

  Rich Colwell

Sunday School

   Weekends are days for checking out the schoolyards and universities that are generally a bust on weekdays. We checked out a few schools, some proving to be busts while others possessed some gems. For example, this school on the North Shore had these painted ledges going in every direction with "endless" line potential. Matt Gravel snagged a few clips here, including a quick line with this No Comply over the ledge to finish it off. Matt did the line the first time I was shooting, which lead to me feeling like I could have shot the trick better. Just so you know: this ledge isn't small. And he stepped off the ground, not the ledge. No half stepping here, kids.

Matt Gravel- No Comply

Wallows Baby!

Caleb Davies ate his Shreddies this morning

   One of the "Life Hammers" accomplished on the trip was skating the legendary spot, Wallows. Ever since The Search For Animal Chin, the winding ditch has been an iconic destination to roll your wheels over. It has grown over a lot over the years and the concrete isn't as smooth as I'm sure it once was, though bombing down from the top has to be a highlight of my time spent on a skateboard.

Ethan Craig at the top of Mount Wallows

Skaters gotta swim, too.

Matt Gravel and Dan Redmond

   We did a total of one "hike" that I can recall while on the trip. We had intended on doing a few, but skating always seemed to take precedence and we never got around to it. This is atop a lookout on the North Shore, and the light faded surprisingly quick and we were almost left to navigate down in the dark. Don't mind the massive cliff face on the one side.

Regan Hodgson

Caleb Davies

 North Shore eats

The now-defunct Pipeline Bowl

Luke Connor- Ollie [o] Redmond

   Another beauty school we probably spent too much time at, there was a perfect manny pad, ledges, benches to skate over, and this thing. I was feeling a bit lazy and didn't want to miss the sunset setting up flashes, so I opted to give it a go natural light. Classic looking trick, and I like the simplicity of the natural light for this one.

 Ethan Craig- Frontcrook
    Ethan Craig

   For one reason or another, we never made it out night skating until halfway through the trip. Once the spark was ignited and we realized what we were missing out on, we weren't getting back to the hotel until at least 2am every night onwards. We stumbled upon one neighborhood that had spots along every block and was relatively bust free, and after three nights, we had basically just circled around the WalMart and came out with a handful of clips and good times.

Dan Redmond casually Crooked Grinds tall bars for fun

   We drove by this flatbar nearly every day, and it wasn't until the last few days we were there did we look for parking and give it a whirl. Both Matt Gravel and Mack Basil got to business and quickly filmed their tricks in lines,  and we were gone just as security was rolling up.

Matt Gravel- Bs Feeble Pop Over

Mack Basil

Mack Basil- Frontside 50-50 Pop Over

   This ledge was a bit weird for grind tricks, but it was a blunter's dream. It took much longer than expected for security to roll up, so when they rolled up mobbin' an excessive 7 deep, Dan and I already had what we wanted.

Dan Redmond warms up with a Frontside Noseblunt before filming stepping his game up

   I hope you've enjoyed reading this (if you did), or at least enjoyed the photos. This is only a sample of what I shot in Hawaii, and the good good will be released sooner or later along with some footy. Thanks for stopping by, and if you're ever thinking of going on a skate trip, 
just remember You Got That! It will be worth it, I promise.

Words and Photos by Luke Connor (

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