Aloha Brobra! Canadians+1 in Hawaii (Part 3)

    Words and Photos by Luke Connor

    We had found these ledges one night while cruising around in the van one night. We made it our "warm up spot" the next day, but basically became an all day spot as we piled out in the sun, most of us skated out as Rich and Caleb filmed a line each and we eventually gathered ourselves and made it to another spot.
Rich Colwell- Nollie Lipslide around the bend

    "Zone's Ditch" proved to be a game of cat and mouse trying to find the location. We were given very vague directions, and circled the surrounding blocks and a military school looking for any resemblance for close to an hour. We eventually found a field which looked similar to what we saw in an old Red Bull Hawaii video, and without hesitation Ethan jumped out the van and went looking. He came back 15 minutes later, sweaty and out breath, but he had found the spot. It's a lot more decrepit than it has appeared in videos, but at least we found the damn place.

Mack Basil at Zones Ditch

Mack Basil- Blunt to Fakie

    This ditch on the other hand, was as simple as inputting GPS coordinates and rolling up to the door.

Ethan Craig- No Comply 360

Dan Redmond- Nollie Backside 360 Kickflip

   Easily one of the most iconic spots of all time, Wallows was a surreal experience. I was shooting a trick of Matt Gravel and missed the first (and way better) one Dan did, so thanks for doing another Dan; sorry you slammed because of that.

 Dan Redmond- Sw Frontshuv at one of the most iconic spots of all time

 Skate Wallows at your own risk, Dan Redmond got chomped on by the rough ground.

       I had some trouble deciding how I wanted to shoot this spot at first, but once I figured it out I was quite pleased with the results; I'm sure Caleb's sponsors won't mind either.
Caleb Davies- Tre Flip

   We wasted a solid day looking for this school which hosted a bump to bar that wasn't nearly as easy to skate as we had anticipated. It didn't help that we came back to skate it on a rainy day, but Caleb snagged this Ollie at the school on the sunny day we found the spot, but couldn't skate it.

 Caleb Davies- Ollie Over

Ethan Craig lurking the night streets of Honolulu

Words and Photos by Luke Connor

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