Spring Cleaning

   Dropping this Friday I will have a large post of my trip to Hawaii so check back for that!

   While going through my folders I often stumble upon photos I've forgotten about, never went to print, or weren't posted for one reason or another. This Nosegrind Pop Out of Dane Pryds is over 2 years old now and it's about time it sees the light of day. I shot the photo outside on the other side of the hall, catching the reflections of the buildings behind me on the glass I was shooting up against. It has always been a photo I've liked.
Dane Pryds- Nosegrind Pop Out [o] Connor

   Now for something in more recent memory, a 50-50 up and over of Peirce Mckay. I was excited to shoot this photo because I had a feeling the circles could work in my favor; the brick building didn't hurt either. 
   Thanks for checking in!


Peirce Mckay- 50-50 [o] Connor

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