365 Dropping Tomorrow!!

   Well, the time is almost here. After a year of filming and way more time editing than anticipated, 365 is almost done (it's still exporting). If all goes to plan and our computers don't crash again, the video will be live tomorrow at 4pm right here. Our friends at Concrete Skateboarding will have a photo gallery featuring tricks from the video tomorrow as well, but for now, feast your eyes upon a few more tricks from the video. You Got That! and hopefully we will too....

   If you're in Victoria or down to make the trek, 365 will be premiering in the real world at Fernwood tomorrow night, along with Matt Gravel's edit from the recent Cake Supply Co trip to San Francisco.
The videos will start when darkness falls, and we will skate into the night. Hope to see you (and not the police) there! So if you're planning on coming, be respectful and sensible as it's in a public space. Thanks!

Carter Spinks- Nosebonk [o] Connor

Matt Gravel- Fs Overblunt [o] Connor

Leon Breton- Ollie [o] Connor

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